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Permanent Magnet Alternators

Permanent magnet alternators manufactured by Hurricane Wind Power start with the best components in the industry. We specialize in low cogging low wind and RPM applications where the wind is less that ideal. We further customize generators to customers needs. The are made in the USA and feature pride workmanship and attention to detail that you will not find with another manufacturer. Our Permanent Magnet Alternator use a wide track epoxy coated N 45 Magnet Disc for equal distribution of Gauss / Magnetic Saturation of the stator from the magnetic poles. All new pieces are used and pressed into place with a solid core making contact though out the length of the pole piece and lock tight press bonding agent ensures the rotor will be in place and balanced for life. The airgap between the rotor and stator is established by turning down the rotor with a metal lathe with precise tolerances we have determined through hours of testing. Our stators use 400 degree wire and the shaft use hardened races within the bearings to ensure perfect tolerances. We believe that you will not find a PMA in the same class that will outperform a hurricane over time. From day one you will have the hurricane performing because it has been ran and tested in the shop prior to going out and is expected to meet stringent quality control measures. Only the best will wear a Hurricane or a made in USA badge.

The "Air Boss" Axial flux PMA is our top of the line premium product. For those who demand the very best and will not settle for anything less this line of alternators provide wind turbine designers, manufacturers and entrepreneur enterprise with the best chance of seceding with its high efficiency design with it The axial flux generators have been tried and true and in operation for decades. They are manufactured in the USA as well. Epoxy coated N 50 magnets are used in this generator and sophisticated proprietary manufacturing processes are employed to make this one the "Boss". Check out the Axial Flux link for further discussion of what the difference is between this product and what else is on the market today.

Our PMA are overbuilt and warrantied for one year from date of receipt. If you find a longer warranty in the business we will beat it bottom line.