Residential Wind Turbine Grid Tie Kit wind generator
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Residential Wind Turbine Grid Tie Kit

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Product Description

At Hurricane Wind Power we take the hype and frankly the BS out of wind generator shopping. Not only do we have a superior product we have the best customer support. If you are new to alternative energy and considering buying you should read the last section whether you buy from me or not. Many of the wind turbines you see for sale on the internet look very similar. Housings look the same and it is very difficult to tell the difference from a picture on the internet. The difference is whats on the inside. At Hurricane Wind power we realize that to be cost effective your wind turbine will have to serve you for many years to come. Our turbines are a little more expensive than some because we insist on better quality but we are the best value on the market. Depending on model and factory we ask German or Japanese bearings, better coatings, or hot dip galvanizing and every other upgrade that we find out it needs. This is why we are able to extend a 3 year warranty and our product is designed to last for 25 years. Turbine pictured in Red Hurricane colors. Comes in White
  • Includes one 500 watt Hurricane Wind Turbine Kit
  • Mounting pole not included
  • One Swea Wind Starter Kit + One extension for a total 500 watt direct plug and play Grid Tie Inverter
  • No batteries needed
The Grid Tie

- Turbine Inverter for Wind Turbine Systems -

12 month factory warranty

plugs into a standard wall socket

no expensive electrician calls

This unit is high quality....

Other units on the market don't work well with wind turbines . My experience was that the input voltage on other small grid ties is in a narrow range 14-28 volts. That mean with wind systems you have to tie two batteries together to make a small 24 volt a charge control to use as a divert to feed the grid and keep your small system from overcharging.... and finally hope you aren't home when the grid goes there would be no where for you power to go as the grid was your divert in that small system.....creating a dangerous situation and or damaged batteries

This is a simple to use unit that takes the guess work out of connecting your wind turbines to the grid without batteries.This unit allows input from 20-55 volts. This package is complete and full of safety features that will keep you and your family safe as well as your wind turbine. Dump load box acts as a brake in high wind as it kicks in automatically when the voltage on your turbine exceeds 52 volts ..

What you have in this kit is everything you need for your smaller wind turbine in the under 500 watt range....

The UWT-I-250 Starter Kit is designed to be the foundation for Wind Turbine Systems.

The Kit includes the following components...

  • 2 - 250 watt grid tie inverters
  • A Diode box (Converts phase III to DC
  • A Dump load box
  • An AP box to stack more inverters( up to 3 additional inverters


The Wind Turbine See picture #1
Specifications: Rated Power: 450 W Max Power: 520 W Rated voltage (DVC): 24 volt Blade Diameter: 1.4 m Number of Blades: 3 Start Wind Speed: 5 mph 2.3 m/s Rated Wind Speed: 18.4 mph 11.8 m/s Incision Wind Speed: 6.7 mph 3 m/s Working Wind Speed: 6.7-56 mph 3-25 m/s Survival wind Speed: 134.2 mph 60 m/s Over-speed protection: Aerodynamic Effects of the Blades and Electromagnetic Brake Over-current protection: Electromagnetic Brake Package includes: Wind Turbine Net Weight: 42 lbs 19.1 kg Gross Weight (in box): 56 lbs 25.5 kg Measurement: 47" x 18" x 10" Features: - Alternator The Hurricane wind alternator is made with high quality, high strength permanent magnetic materials. It is lightweight and compact with high power generating capacity. Our wind alternator experts have used unique electromagnetic technology that results in very little starting resistance, thus effectively guaranteeing the easy startup of the Hurricane wind turbine even with gentle breezes. The Hurricane alternator is designed to provide efficient DC power with an electronic control system. The power capacity and start up performance have made this alternator one of the best alternators in the world. - Turbine The Hurricane turbine’s main body is made of high-quality die cast aluminum alloy from a precision casting process and from stainless steel components. Thus it is lightweight yet extremely strong and has high reliability. Because of the precision casting process, wind turbine has a perfect shape. Moreover, the die cast aluminum alloy can work as a cooling system for the turbine, because it transfers heat into wind passing through the turbine. Furthermore, the wind turbine is easy to install and maintenance-free. Its unique design will help create a beautiful skyline while providing clean energy for you in sunny or windy weather. - Blades Wind Turbine Technologies blades are made of fiberglass reinforced composite and are shaped through a high-precision casting process. Fiberglass is an extremely strong material that also has the advantage of stability and quiet operation. Fiberglass can endure severe weather and environments, such as storms and exposure to salt water and heat. Fiberglass itself is heat resistant and corrosion resistant. The material is used in the ship industry in boat frames, in Olympic sports as pool material, in the construction industry as support pillars for mansions, and as high-quality blades for wind turbines. Due to its high intensity strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, fiberglass is a good choice for Blade materials for the hybrid solar wind generator system. WTT rotor blades are meticulously designed by experts in aerodynamics to have very low start up and incision points and very high wind energy utilizing ratio. Because of the aerodynamic quality of the blades, Rotor racing can be avoided in all circumstances.
New to wind power? Confused? Read below before you buy!
  • We do not stat boost the output of our products or make misleading graphs. I have seen a lot of companies with alternators " that claim 1000 watt output, however if you go on to look at the graph the 1000 watts is at 5000 rpm. Those of you new to wind power should realize that most applications are direct drive meaning not using gearing. Your turbine will more likely spin at 800 RPM in high wind not 5000. On the multi 9-12 blade systems especially. Why consider power you will never really see when considering a wind motor
  • The majority of DC motors seen on e bay and other sites were never intended to be used as wind turbines. Many of them will simply burn up because the windings are too small. A huge majority sold on here will not charge even a 12V system. Most DC motors are advertised by doing the "MATH" example 130V X 12 Amps = 1560 watts. They fail to disclose or take advantage of the fact many consumers are not aware of first that fails to recognize it is not 100 percent efficiency. Power curves are not linear and most important the output would be at the motors rated RPM. In may cases 6000 -10000 RPM. In the example 6000 RPM / 130V = 46 RPM per Volt X 14 =644RPM. In other words your wind turbine would charge a 12 volt system barley in high wind. Currently there is a 6$ surplus dc motor painted white that sells for about 100 $ that has such a low amp rating it would make a better paper weight than wind motor. It will not charge a 12 volt battery bank direct drive period and it will not put out 60 watts much less 600
  • We do not advertise based on just meters /per second as many customer have no idea what that coverts too
  • We do not advertise a 600 watt wind turbine that you have to read closely or get burned realizing that the 600 watts is only if you add solar panels that are sold separately
  • We do not sell devices without blades claiming one output but when the motor doesn't perform claim it must be something in your bad rotor configuration
  • We do not buy container loads of garbage with the cheapest components available in china then try to market it as a quality product
Hurricane wind power is the best place for wind generators

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