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EMP Hardened Solar Guardian

Hurricane Wind Power Emergency "Survival Generator" Prepping Products

At hurricane wind power we have put together some of the most comprehensive battery charging solutions available for survival from the casual outdoors man and camper to most avid prepper we have you covered. You may know us for providing some of the best wholesale solar panels ,wind generator kits and permanent magnet alternators available anywhere.

We have been tasked by commercial vendors and our customer by popular demand to bring some of the most comprehensive solutions to rural power generation off the grid. In this category we are calling the survival generator we will be offering our portable power solutions. in many cases in may be beneficial to purchase from our complete solar panel kit or systems page. We are qualified professionals and can put together complete wind and solar wind solar and hydro systems together customized to individual needs. If your thing is making power to get you out of a jam you are in the right place. In the future you will see human power, saltwater and solar generator and well as thermoelectric charging solutions.