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Tiny home, big dreams off the grid wind and solar panel powered self sufficiency

Tiny home, big dreams off the grid wind and solar panel powered self sufficiency

Posted by Anthony Jones on Nov 14, 2019

Tiny homes solar packages and design services off grid wind and solar deign build consultation, integration and installation.

Perhaps one of the best unknown secrets in the off grid world is the access to professional grade support, technical design and integration of renewable energy wind solar and hydro systems designed by Hurricane Wind Power. Over the years Hurricane has partnered with a number of reputable installers throughout the country to bring the countless people the off grid freedom and power infrastructure needed to bring those individuals' quality of life they are accustomed to before they made the journey to simplifying there live with tiny house living.

During this period of time we have become aware of the demands that are necessary and specialize in helping people make that seamless transition to off grid living with solar energy kits they have bought on the internet budgeted just because they are labeled Tiny House or off grid. The reality is if you plan to live with solar energy you’re going to need to at least consult with a professional or family and friends who is experienced in estimating electrical loads and whom are familiar with the output characteristics of wind and solar systems. At Hurricane Wind Power Anthony Jones, technical design specialist, has partnered with a number of people to learn about the needs of the Tiny House off grid community. In teaming with our partners, Hurricane has delivered many successful designs that have improved, or in some circumstance we should just say, made our consumers' transition to off grid living possible.

I have learned a great deal from the folks over at Off Grid Contracting and would like to publicly thank one of the best tiny home builder in the country Randy Jones at Incredible Tiny Homes in Newport Tennessee for some of the unique insights into the lifestyle needs and integration of various renewable solutions into these homes. Additionally we are always consistently wowed by their creativity and innovation in their home builds.  Although these installs are not on the same scale as some of the projects we have had the fortune to work with. Anthony Jones owner of Hurricane Wind Power went on to say, "They are some of the most satisfying installations we get to work with. As a designer I have been able to observe how families have been able to “cut the cord” of debt and worry with mortgages and live more freely and be able to essentially change their lifestyle. I see these homes being used in situations where people need a place to stay while working a job in a place for an extended period of time or on a more permanent basis to allow the home owner to change their focus and lifestyle to be able to spend their money on thing like travel and things that really matter to them. As a matter of being an integral part of being able to transition people in the way they are able to live we are able to change the quality of life for a lot of people."

We have a number of packages and quotes are free; however, as written previously, I do not recommend anyone purchase a package without consulting with someone who understands how these systems work prior to buying anything. In some cases the customers level of knowledge allows them to be able to save money in the installation. With some guidance our consumer are able to buy pre wired boards and/or solar power system kits which save them on the installation, which in some areas comprises up to two thirds of the solar electrical installation bill. We customize kits for individual application. Anthony Jones along with Lucas Cameron of Off Grid Contracting are providing consulting services and installation services. However, if you are in area where it does not make sense to bring out an installer, we are offering consulting services and wiring schematics to customers where available. In this manner, consumers who feel comfortable after consultation, are able to do much of their own work saving a lot of money. If you’re not an electrician or have familiarity with the equipment, it is recommended to contract someone out to do the final hookups on the AC side.

If taking the steps needed to get a proper wind and solar or even hydroelectric renewable energy system quoted under the direction of professionals who have years of experience with these types of installs, contact us today and we can make your dream become reality. 

At the end of the day, we end up fixing or replacing a lot of systems which people bought from other vendors or off e-commerce sites which offer no after the sale service.  This in essence leaves the customer shooting in the dark. At Hurricane Wind Power we have the ability to put systems together which are reliable and utilize professional grade tier one components, many of which that are made in the USA. We follow code and electrical regulations, which allow you as our customer, to put your faith in our years of expertise in this niche.

If you need a Tiny Home, check out Randy Jones at Incredible Tiny Homes, one of the best builders in the business, or check out Lucas Cameron of Off Grid Contracting for some of the most phenomenal work and attention to detail I have seen in the business.

Hurricane Wind Power, Off Grid Contracting and Incredible Tiny Homes look forward to serving you in your journey off the grid!