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Charge Controllers

Hurricane wind power is proud to sell the best in commercial grade charge controllers for wind solar and hydro. We only sell the best because a charge controlling system is imperative to the proper function of a energy system. Due the the cost of batteries and the higher efficiency of the charging algorithms used in charge controllers such as , Midnight Solar, Outback , and Morningstar MPPT technology is a must for larger solar systems. The algorithms extend battery life and make the charging systems more efficient. Generally speaking most wind turbine charge controlling systems are used as a "dump" or diversion load mode keeping the wind power generator under magnetic resistance at all times to prevent over speed and damage to the unit. Hurricane has a full compliment of "the good stuff" that will be working for you for years to maximize you renewable energy investment. Yes there are cheaper controllers on the market and if you are interested in that route you can find a lot of these on site such as ebay. At the end of the day you will likely be disappointed.