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DC Water Heating

DC water heating with Diversion load elements are typically used with either 12, 24 or 48 volt systems. Typical uses include dump loads, in this application extra energy from a wind turbine or solar panels are used to heat water from excess power the systems generate. Other uses include livestock heaters to keep water from freezing. Supplementing of solar hot water systems and even in automotive application in the heating of hydraulic fluid on those cold mornings for trucks. Our hurricane submersible dual water heating elements are known to be more efficient than many of the other water heater elements you will see on the market. When used as a sole heating source these elements should be used with a thermostat to keep the pressure down in a tank or so that the over flow valve is not blown. Our DC water heating elements make a great efficient renewable addition to any systems or replacement for a conventional 110 volt heating element

one of the advantages of low voltage water heating is that it present a lesser safety hazard that high voltage water heating element. Realistic application of such elements are used in Tiny houses and RV s to heat water in smaller 4-6 gallon water tanks. .It is important to remember that our larger water tanks in our home use a tremendous amount of energy to heat water. There is nothing magical about using a 12 volt water heating element which allows the user to get away with using only 300 watts of power to produce the same amount of heat as a element that uses much higher wattage to heat the water.