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Wind Generators by Hurricane

Wind generator kits by Hurricane Wind Power. Well it is pretty simple....using the best material make up the best components and thus the best wind turbine kit. So as my company everybody else says they are the best. I am simply stating we have the best wind generator kit. The Kits include our featured Hurricane Neo Core technology in the single or popular twin output models, massive torque from our 42 inch gull wing raven blade sets. The mounts are heavy gauge steel powder coated and virtually indestructible. They mounts are hand craft by our partner Twists and Turns nationally known for their top end manufacturing and powder coating of metal components and furniture. When I got into this business I saw picture from customers of flimsy pot metal imported mounting couplings falling through carports off towers. While no one was hurt the potential always stuck with me. I therefore overbuild every component with out kits. The slip rings are optional and are not included in the kit. I while many wind power companies say that slip rings are not important and I have seen debate among "high level" wind power authorities if they are needed or not. For myself this is a no brainer as the electromagnetic resistance of always being under a load is what keep a turbine from overspeeding. I have experience first hand 4 plus foot blades turning out of control as the wire eventually shorted out as The wire twisted until it finally gave way an an inopportune time. Although I leave the option to the customer 3 wire slip rings are recommended for the cat 4 and 6 wire for the dual output Cat 5 residential wind turbine kit. Our permanent magnet alternators a 3 phase output which is rectified to DC at the battery and or electronics station.The Cat 5 is Twin 3 phase output and can be wired in series or parallel bringing the ultimate in flexibility to a wind turbine. Two power curve from one PMA. Wire in series and utilize the voltage from both stators in low wind conditions to reach the cut in or go parallel for those heavy charging amps in the windy conditions you will love. More Versatility Style and Value for your dollar and most important the most power output of any turbine in the small turbine class over time. If you can't reach the cut in or charging voltage you have no charging....simply put nothing from nothing leaves....well you know