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Wind Generators by Hurricane

Hurricane Wind Power Home and Residential Wind Generators Kits by Hurricane Wind Turbines

Be sure to check our continued article below the product offerings on the page we have written up to try and help our consumers understand the difference in products.

So while many of the people in the small wind community, social media, and sellers create mass hype hysteria and rely on mass inflated watt outputs to sell their wind generators Hurricane take a path less traveled in this industry.. We have taken the "master your craft" approach and we simply focus on building and selling the most robust products available on the web. We start with heavy steal and use good coatings and many items are even powder coated for high corrosion resistance. We design and have stringent quality control testing prior to shipping a product. We back this up by our guarantee that your products will perform as advertised or we will make it right.

While we cannot defy the laws of physics as the current advertised power output values of many companies selling these type of products do. Hurricane products have a proven track record of producing more power over time than any of the other leading brands we have tested. Our buck boost mppt controllers and larger blade swept area and generator rotor and stators coupled with our buck boost MPPT controllers just make more power over time period .


Hurricane Wind Power has some of the best pv modules on the market in the Synthesis solar panel line we sell on hurricanewindpower.com which have become a favorite among those living the off grid lifestyle.At Hurricane we do not view wind , solar and hydro power in competition but rather parts of a comprehensive strategy for making power at home. Solar, wind and hydro all have their own distinct advantages depending on many factors such as location, season land topography and many other factors. If you have question if small wind power is right for you do not hesitate and call hurricane today.

No one makes a finer small wind turbine on the market period. Our Vector XP and AIR BOSS Lines of wind turbines whether it be for on grid. Off Grid. Residential or that home away from home we can power your busy life style in a sustainable manner with quality and old world craftsmanship. .