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You don’t even have to take our word, believe the users…

Kelly & Cody Stevens

My husband was making a fuss about the power going out because of the weather(we live in the county so it takes a while for them to get around us). We decided to buy a wind turbine from Hurricane Wind Power and we were not disappointed. We use it to charge several batteries to keep the lights on if the power goes out. This has been a life saver!

United States, Texas

Jamie Simson

Hi Guys, I own several wind turbines from different companies on the market and I have to say that I am very impressed with your product. In fact, I have adopted it as my goto wind generator. Your team obviously thought your product through and it shows. Wishes to your continued success, Jamie Simson

Glacier County, Ohio

Jessie Dieckman

I just replaced my old wind turbine and I just wanted to say again thank you for an amazing product. Charges my bank faster than my old one and the it's just fun to watch it spin.

Muscatine, Iowa

Christian Belote

UNREAL!, Thanks for getting everything right and making a great product even better! I spent way too much money on your competitors that just didn't deliver what they said their generator would put out. This is definitely the BEST. Cheers, Christian


Jami Brinkerhoff

Amazing output! I love you guys. Great product and amazing quality. I DON’T write mails usually but I felt this should be an exception. Thank you for saving the day when Sandy came by. Took it down and after the storm passed put it back up. Was the ONLY person on my street with some form of power.

Raleigh, NC

Lance Gray

Hey just wanted to say I am loving this generator more and more every time I look at it spinning. Thanks again for an awesome product.

Hurricane Wind Power really is TBS on the market.

Aurora, Colorado

Neva Hanton

I am extremely pleased with the look, feel and products offered by this company.