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Wind Turbine Blades

Wind Turbine Blades by Hurricane Wind Power. The wind turbine blade is one of the most undervalued components in the DIY wind turbine building community. Is seem that all of the focus remains on the generator. With all of the concern on pma or permanent magnet generators it would seem logical for people to understand without a blade set that a generator on a small wind generator will make no power. Another thing that seem to be lost is the relationship between blade length swept area of the blade set and power production. Today we live in a time and market where small wind power consumers are at a disconnect understanding what is important in a blade set. <br
Our wind generator blades are properly balanced and eliminate the need for elaborate manual braking systems with the use of dynamic blade braking to slow the rotation of the blade set.

Our blades are matched up to our permanent magnet alternators to provide the best DIY building experience available on the net. After year of disappointment with materials such as aluminum which always cracks and bent backwards in high winds we have had the best luck with these sets of anything we have flown. That being said you should understand that those claiming to sell blade with extraordinary claims such as they are build out of carbon fiber or the material in which the newest generation of stealth military jets are laughable. Consumers should understand that the cost for a mid grade set of carbon fiber set of small wind turbine blade would easily exceed $1000. That being said you can rest easy as you only need a set of blades able to make power on your small wind generator. Rest easy and leave shooting down military jets to the military.

Our job here is always has been and will remain to make power so whether you choose our 32 36 or 40 inch blades which are the starting point of our stealth storm line of blades you are getting one of the best product available on the market.