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Hurricane Permanent Magnet Alternator | Permanent Magnet Generator

Hurricane permanent magnet alternators maintains one of the largest selection or generators for renewable energy projects on the web. From wind and hydro power generation to experimental research and development Hurricane produces some of the finest products on the market. Our pma's are the real deal and the original no cog low wind performance alternators.

We start with the finest components such as uniform gause epoxy coated magnets, high quality wire and precision balanced machining to exacting tolerances. When you buy a hurricane wind power alternator you are buying a thoroughly tested functional product that has been through rigid quality control before is is ever picked for shipping. We provide realistic run videos and power output demonstrations on our you tube channel that is navigable by clicking on the youtube button at the top of the site header.

We have work with individual consumers to assist in the selection of an alternator that will fit your needs and value providing the consumer with realistic expectations of what our products will do for you. We sell our permanent magnet alternators for use in wind generator or micro hydro generator as well as a host of other applications including human power and inventors. What we are not: Hurricane will not simply tell the consumer whatever you want to hear to sell a product. Sometimes this hurts in so far as consumers are sometime looking for approval from our technicians that a product will work in an application with unrealistic expectations. We all want our idea to work but we tell you up front if we do not believe the product will work in a particular application.

We value honest power output reporting and consumer expectations. We do not advertise 1600 watt 12 volt power outputs from 10 lbs alternators in 70 mph winds or hand cranking that defy the laws of physics. This is not in the best interest of our consumers and as a result we get many return buyers which more than makes up for loss to dishonest vendors.

It is Hurricanes mission to provide the best power generation equipment in the world, provide realistic power output expectations and educate our consumers on what is the best most cost effective product options available to them to meet consumers needs. If you have questions check the upper right hand corner of the website for our e mail and contact information if you need consultation as that is what we are in business for. While we do not have many consumer issues due to our stringent quality control and attention to detail when a customer does have an issue we are here for support and proudly stand behind our products.